Importance Of Vision Testing Among Kids

Data collected by NHANES & NHIS show that close to 14 million kids (Aged 12 years and above) have reported visual impairment. Out of them, there were chances to improve the vision of around 11 million kids using refractive correction.

Our emphasis is to make your realize the importance of early eye exams in life. As understood, diseases related to vision are not only dependent on age. There are various other factors that affect health of our vision. Development of visuals skills in a child is fully completed at the age of 5 years, any defects identified before this can be treated.

Indications that a parent should look for are –

i) Squinting or directions in which eyes point
ii) Moving head to stress upon one eye
iii) Reading distance from face is too less
iv) Child complains of frequent headaches
v) Unable to judge distance
vi) Blurred Vision / Double Vision

This summer vacation, take your child to the nearest eye doctor or visit any Devlyn Optical store near you. You can also do an online test using Devlyn Optical Online Vision Test.