Is Vision Insurance plan a must buy?

“I do not wear prescription eyeglasses, I do not need a Vision Plan to insure my vision.” This could be your natural response to someone who suggests you to buy a vision plan. But, may be it’s time for you to think over it again.

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Importance of Eye Exams during Childhood

When was the last time you took your child for an eye exam? If your answer is “it’s been less than 6 months”, you can ignore this and not read any further. However, if it’s been longer than that, then it is important you read this.

For parents, their child’s health is a priority. Thus, it is important that when you take your child to his doctor, get his eyes be evaluated at all doctor’s visits, even during infancy. An easy way to avoid vision related problems is by keeping vision screenings routine.

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10 Facts about Color Blindness

More than likely you know someone with color blindness, but here are the 10 facts you may not know!

1. The first document on color blindness dates back to 1798. It was written by John Dalton, an English Chemist who himself was a color blindness.

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Importance Of Vision Testing Among Kids

Data collected by NHANES & NHIS show that close to 14 million kids (Aged 12 years and above) have reported visual impairment. Out of them, there were chances to improve the vision of around 11 million kids using refractive correction.

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Are you suffering from Digital Visual Fatigue?

It is amazing that our eyes have been gifted with extraordinary strong muscles for all the functions they do. At times, our eyes are working for almost 18-20 hours at a stretch. And in recent times, with more devices coming into our lives and continuously spending time in front of laptops, mobiles, tablets makes our eyes stressed and strained. This is known as Digital Visual Fatigue.

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