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Devlyn Optical & Ventanilla de Salud in San Antonio, Texas

Devlyn Optical will now offer, on a regular basis, free vision screenings and cleaning and adjustments of eyeglasses at the Mexican Consulate in San Antonio, Texas. The objective is to work in conjunction with la Ventanilla de Salud by offering this service once a month at the consulate and every time there are special health fairs in the San Antonio area.


Devlyn Optical and Visibly, a Chicago-based tele-heath company partner to offer online vision testing services in Texas and California. With this partnership Devlyn Optical will not only be able to provide vision tests in a convenient and affordable way to its patients, but also in the safest way possible.

At Devlyn Optical we’ve always been committed to providing affordable and convenient vision care to our patients. And right now, that mission is of the utmost importance. Coronavirus has required us to alter our daily lives through social distancing. But no matter what our communities are faced with, Devlyn Optical is ready to serve those who need us. In order to accomplish that, it is our responsibility to constantly innovate and go above and beyond with how we do things to provide the safest shopping experience for our patients and employees.

With this new service, our patients will be able to go to our website, from the comfort and safety of their homes, to get a vision test. The results of the test are reviewed by a licensed Eye Care Provider and a prescription for ordering glasses or contact lenses is sent via email within one day of the completion of the exam.

"We are excited to partner with Devlyn to provide these necessary services during this trying time," said Brent Rassmussen, CEO of Visibly. "Patients are struggling to access vision care and we are excited to connect them with licensed Eye Care Providers to guide them to the proper prescription"

Aside from the already extreme sanitation and hygiene protocols we have implemented in our stores, we believe this new on-line vision test alternative is a great option to promote and maintain social distancing requirements.

To promote the on-line vision testing option, Devlyn Optical, in collaboration with Visibly, will be offering the on-line eye exam for only $15 until the end of May. We encourage everyone to do their part. Together, we can slow the spread.

To get your prescription online just go to our home page and click the RX RENEWAL button. It only takes 10 minutes!

For more information please call us at 1-800-778-2145 or send us an email now.