Business Vision Plan


A no-cost, voluntary vision care benefit for employees and their families.

Healthy vision is vital for a productive and efficient workplace. Yet, employers and employees often take it for granted. Specifically, for the employer, job related vision problems can be costly to both productivity and organization effectiveness. For employees, maintaining healthy vision is a critical component of good job performance as well as job satisfaction and quality of life.

Protect your business and protect your employees’ eyesight with Devlyn’s Business Vision Plan. It is easy to understand, it is virtually administration-free, and provides excellent value for your company and your employees.

Giving the Devlyn eyecare vouchers to my employees identifies my company as a caring, forward-thinking employer. But most importantly, it helps to boost morale and safeguard productivity.
Chris Davis -
Owner - HR Processing Inc.
At Devlyn Optical, we understand your needs as an employer and have designed the Business Vision Plan (BVP):

A no-cost, voluntary vision care benefit for employees and their families.

  • Special pricing on

    (i) Comprehensive eye examinations

    (ii) Brands such as Ray Ban, Nike, Michael Kors and D&G, and

    (iii) The most innovative lenses and treatments from Essilor

  • Access to a flexible payment schedules. 4, 8, 12, or 24 pay periods, interest free
  • A smart alternative to traditional financing for budget conscious employees
  • The best alternative for employees with limited or no vision benefits

It provides a convenient interest free way to get vision care at preferred rates. An excellent value for your company and your employees.

 Promote wellness – Healthy vision is a critical component of good job performance as well as quality of life for your employees.

 Motivate your team – Boost morale by showing you care about the financial health and wellness of your employees.

 Promote social responsibility – We believe that all people deserve access to quality vision care – those who have the benefits and those who don’t. For every 10 glasses your organization buys, we donate a pair of Rx glasses on your behalf to a local charity you support.

 Hassle and cost free – No cost to implement, virtually administration free, no liability to the employer for purchases made by employees, and it is an easy way to enhance your existing benefits package.

It is easy to understand, there is no cost to implement and it is virtually administration-free. It is as simple as 1-2-3:r

 Commit to better vision – Sign Discount program Agreement that outlines discount levels, payments plans and other services. Employer can terminate agreement at any time.

 Communicate Plan – From posters to personalized emails, we partner with you to communicate the program in the most effective way.

 Get vision care – Employee makes up-front orders with zero down.

We do all the admin work for you – Employee gets a payment schedule based on their elected term so they are aware of upcoming deductions and Employer gets a biweekly Deductions Statement with detailed information on deductions per employee.

Vison Care products and services Retail price
Comprehensive eye examination $79.00
Designer Ophthalmic frame $159.00
Essilor-Airwear Polycarbonate Single Vision Lenses. $49.00
Anti-glare coating. $59.00
Total order $346.00
With Business Vision Plan Benefits
30% discount on total order: -$103.80
Employee price : $242.20
Payment plan – 12 biweekly payments of: $20.18
Employer cost: $0.00


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