Are you suffering from Digital Visual Fatigue?

It is amazing that our eyes have been gifted with extraordinary strong muscles for all the functions they do. At times, our eyes are working for almost 18-20 hours at a stretch. And in recent times, with more devices coming into our lives and continuously spending time in front of laptops, mobiles, tablets makes our eyes stressed and strained. This is known as Digital Visual Fatigue.

So, don't you think we all are suffering from Digital Visual Fatigue.
It is important we realize and be concerned about it. And, why?

You do not really need to look around. Just look at yourself. Calculate how much time you spend in front of a digital screen. The new working setup and lifestyle changes have us spend a lot more time in front of digital screens leading to digital visual fatigue.

If you experience frequent headaches, pain in your neck or back and are unable to concentrate, it is time you visit an eye doctor and get your vision examined.