Devlyn Optical collaborates with Essilor Vision Foundation for Healthy Vision Day in San Antonio

American Optometric Association recently quoted that 25% children in United States have been identified with undiagnosed vision problems. This has impacted their ability to learn. Furthermore, uncorrected vision related problems are affecting productivity of 33% working population. Due to poor vision, chances of falls and hip fractures are as high as 7 times among senior people.

With commitment to make quality vision care and eyewear accessible to the underserved communities in United States, the Essilor Vision Foundation partnered with Devlyn Optical and the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute to provide free vision services for CRIT’s patients, their families and the community they serve.

On June 23rd, the Essilor Vision Foundation’s Mobile Vision Clinic and Devlyn Optical were at Children’s Rehabilitation Institute - San Antonio to provide eye examinations by experienced optometrists and eyeglasses, at no charge.

A total of 88 vision screenings were performed, 47 patients were referred to mobile clinic for full eye examination and 14 kids received their prescription eyeglasses that very same day.

At Devlyn Optical, we are always looking forward to serving the community by giving the gift of sight to those in need and spread awareness about vision care among children and adults.