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Are you suffering from Digital Visual Fatigue?

It is amazing that our eyes have been gifted with extraordinary strong muscles for all the functions they do. At times, our eyes are working for almost 18-20 hours at a stretch.

Tips for maintaining your eyes healthy!

Did you know that the 80% of our memories are stored because of what we see? This healthy vision month, let’s take care of our eyes.

May is a Healthy Vision Month!

Do you know close to 4 Million people (above 40 years of age) in United States were reported to be suffering from Vision Disorder in 2010? This number is expected to touch 13 million in 2050.

Healthy Vision Month is a joint initiative of Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCs) - Vision Health Initiative and National Eye Institute to create awareness about eye health and making it a priority among Americans.

Frames to fit you and your life

Professionally trained Opticians in every Devlyn Optical Store are ready to help you pick frames that are both functional and fashionable. Shopping for frames starts with your lens prescription. Many lenses must have a certain shape for maximum effectiveness.

Matching your lenses with a frame that fits well and looks good on you is what our Opticians at Devlyn Optical do best. You can be assured of a wide selection of frames and a team of professionals whose recommendations you can trust.

Picking up the right Frame



Devlyn Optical

At Devlyn Optical we offer a wide selection of fashion and designer eyeglasses and sunglasses at affordable prices that will make your eyes and wallet happy.



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